Morning session

9.00 - 9.15

9.15 - 10.00

Opening session: welcome address 

Roberta DALL'OLIO ( ART-ER). President of EURADA 

Opportunities for innovation agencies 

You will be able to discover programmes and initiatives directly explained by experts from the European Commission and its agencies:

  • Christina NANOU (DG RTD European Commission) 

  • Tim CAUFIELD (Urban Innovative Actions) 

Moderator: Bogdan CHELARIU(ADR Nord-Est). VicePresident of EURADA 

10.00 - 11.00

Presentation of successful projects 

During this session, we will have the opportunity to hear from relevant members of different organizations about their successful projects (finishing or already finished during the last year).

  • Nataša MIRIĆ (DURA)  

  • Evelyne TARNUS (NEXA) 

  • Dieter MEYER (MCON GmbH) 

  • Roberto ALGARRA (IVACE - finMED) 

  • Cristina MOLINA (AITEX) 

  • Paola PEDUZZI (Finlombarda S.p.A.) 


  • Cédric GRIGNARD (ADERLY)  

  • Romana TOFT (MARR) 

  • Andrés SANZ (University of Salamanca) 

Moderator: Viorika DISHNICA (ART-ER) 

11.00 - 12.15

Pitch of new project ideas 

Relevant members of different organisations will give presentations of new projects ideas looking for new partners. This is an opportunity to create new partners for future projects.


  • Philippe GERKENS (MonkeyBridge) 

  • Beatriz ASENSIO (ICE Castilla y León) 

  • Elias RITO (FECC) 

  • Arturo IBÁÑEZ (FundingBox) 

  • Raluca ABASEACA (ADR Nord-Est) 

  • Antonio GIROMINI (ACCIÓ) 

  • Consuelo GARCIA (EuroVértice) 

  • Juan Manuel REVUELTA (Finnova)  


Moderator: Ida PROSPERI (SVIM)   

Afternoon session

12.15 - 14.00

Potential partners for your projects 

In this section, relevant members will explain how they work and their main interests inside the organization. This will be very relevant to know their profile and for future partner searches. It will enable them to find new contacts and forge links for future partnerships. 

  • Ali MUHAMMAD (VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland) 

  • Valeria TONCHEVA & Emil Yankov (Municipality of Plovdiv & Trakia Economic Zone) 

  • Lionel GROTTO (Choose Paris Region) 

  • Sanela DZEVLAN (SERDA) 

  • Klaus OBERREITER (Upper Austria) 

  • Helena MATUšA (ZARA) 

  • Muhammed Zeki DURAK (BEBKA) 

  • Inmaculada REMOLAR (INIT) 

  • Belen MENDOZA (Cámara Compostela) 

  • Andreea SERBAN (ADR Nord-Est) 

  • Stefano CAROSIO (STAM) 

  • María ROCA (FundingBox) 

  • Tina PEZDIRC NOGRAŠEK (Ljubljana Urban Region) 

  • Virginia VIDAL (Axencia Galega de Innovación - GAIN) 


Please find here the agenda of the Brokerage Event 2021.

Full details are still to be confirmed.